Workshop, Campaign Shop, Graphic Blender.

We render the post-contemporary with the post-political and arrive with rough-hewn accessories to carry along in the bright sun of the ideological breakdown of our current news-fed realities. We experiment with materials and processes that make sense enough to carry the images we hope will contradict the safety of the black and white world of political expediency. We agree on nothing and invite you to participate in the heated honesty of confusion.

Bags, Jackets, Graphics, Shirts, Coats, All in Process – very limited editions, and available only here through the carnival of Splinter Group.

Currently, Splinter Group work is only available here on this site. Most of the Bags we have designed are produced in limited editions and will not be remade when the existing edition is sold out. They were not made for mass production in large quantities. On average these bags are in an edition of 10, with 2 artist proofs. Our Bags are made in our studio in Bangkok and others are in production in Rome and Milan.

Many of our shirts and jackets for men and women we produce in limited quantities. These also include our T Shirts. These pieces we call Ready-to-Wear. They are available here in standard sizes; small, medium, large, xtra-large and xx-large shirt lengths both classic and long. Check our SIZES chart as sizes are different all over the World. We use a modified European/ American measurment for our items. Please check for your size. Not every item is made in the full complement of small, medium, large and xtra-large. 

Other projects we call Pay-to-Produce; you pay - we make. These are coats, jackets and shirts, for Men and Women, that we have worked up as designs. This process finishes with a sample we love. If you would like to own one of these pieces, we will produce it for you in your size, please see our SIZE chart in the top menu and in the pop-ups for each piece on the site. Please allow at least five weeks extra with these for delivery. 


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RETURN POLICY. Because we absolutely need you to check our sizes chart for clothing, and also because our bags are unique and limited edition we currently don't accept returns.